Our Meads

KingView Mead:  Tantalizing your taste buds with mixtures of golden honey and the finest of fruits and spices, KingView crafts their mead to connect you to the Earth and the wonderful world of ambrosia. Made in a similar fashion to grape wine, mead, or “honey wine”, uses honey as the primary source of its fermented sugars. There are numerous styles that bridge the gap to most other alcohols such as Pyment (Grape & Honey), Cyser (Apple & Honey), Braggot (Hops & Honey), Metheglin (Spices & Honey) and Melomel (Fruit & Honey).  We also produce traditional wines as well, just in much lower quantities, but early taste-testing is showing that our Mazer has a knack for all things fermented!

Quality is KingView Mead:  KingView aims to produce the best of all styles, providing a continuous evolution of tasting experiences.  At KingView Mead we care about your experience as a consumer, with many of you having never tried mead or having had bad experiences, contact us and we’ll walk you through which meads would be a good, first step based on what you currently enjoy.  We use only real fruits and spices, and local honey in our meads. We don’t take shortcuts. It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality mead you can purchase.

Your Experience:  We vet all of our recipes extensively through competitions and/or public taste-testing before we produce on a larger scale for purchase.  While the experience of crafting mead is a creative outlet, we know you work hard for your money and want only the best. We respect that.  We want your experience to be fun and relaxing, and, if we do our jobs right, the reward will be your continued patronage. Our Mazer, Scott Neeley, has tasted thousands of beers, wines and meads from across the US and has been making mead since 2011. He would love to assist you on the journey through this renaissance.


KingView (7%-19% ABV)

KingView is our flagship brand, with traditional flavors ranging from dry to sweet. Tasting one version will assuredly pique your curiosity about the others. Wine drinkers will discover that some styles replicate common wine flavors, for example Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay, through the use of complex yeast and berry combinations.

HoneyTongue (7%-14%)

HoneyTongue branded mead brings a style that is easy drinking, leaving you a with smile on your face.  The flavor profiles of HoneyTongue will relax you with their smooth flavor.  We will also be producing traditional wines with HoneyTongue. It’s our way of showing the diverse understanding that goes into this industry, and providing some traditional wines to create the perfect combination for your evening, afternoon…and maybe even morning.


History tells us that before champagne, before wine, mead was used as the traditional wedding drink. Return to tradition with KingView Mead’s Vow. By celebrating your commitment with Vow you resurrect centuries of love promoting virility, fertility, and an eternal connection. “Honeymoon” comes from the ancient belief that the stars were bees who then filled the chalice (Moon) with their ambrosia, creating a true drink for the gods. Tradition provided for a twenty-eight-day supply of mead for the new couple in hopes it would ensure a good start and maybe even kids!  At KingView Mead, we offer a truly unique wedding experience, with enough notice we can even craft a custom Vow line for your special occasion, so contact us right away!