The Bee Counter:  1,260,000     Next Hive Give Away:  1,320,000

Congratulations to the winners!

The bee counter is how many bees KingView Mead was able to donate based on you purchasing our goods.  Hive Give Away is the next point in which we’ll give away a hive or nuc.

As you purchase, the bee counter goes up and once it hits the Hive Give Away amount, we’ll draw another winner!

Already familiar with our program, fill out the Mead-For-Bees form now.

Our Pledge: 10% of all sales of our meads, wines and KingView brand attire will go to the direct purchase of new boxes, frames and bee nucs for local beekeepers and apiaries to be given away via sweepstakes drawings!  We don’t ask for anything in return, no contract to supply us with honey, we supply you to keep expanding.  The Noble Cause.

CONGRATULATIONS! to the 11 new winners of our Mead-For-Bees program!

The following individuals were drawn at the 2016 PA State Beekeepers Association Annual Conference. Every hour we were there we drew a name and these lucky eleven were selected! Thank you all for for the support. We had a great time at the event, hearing updates about the state of beekeeping in Pennsylvania and meeting the noble masses of beekeepers helping all of us!

Judy DeNinno, Rural Valley, PA
Diane Stewart, Pittsburgh, PA
Martin Thomas, Monola, PA
Ginger Matthews, Newport, PA
David Stearns, Saegertown, PA
Kate Safin, Harrison City, PA
Harry Watkins, Hermitage, PA
Jim Handshue, Pleasant Hills, PA
Dan Lynch, Templeton, PA
Carmen Bianco, Renfrew, PA
Robert Crawford, East Brady, PA

CONGRATULATIONS! to the 3 new winners of our Mead-For-Bees program at the Beaver Valley Beekeeping Association!

James Ashcroft
John Yakim
Pat Hughes


8/30/2016 – A big thank you to Burgh Bees and Stephen Repasky for pulling our next 3 winners!  Frank Rogers, Nick Mittereder and Felix Yerace!  See the give-away video here Burgh Bee Picnic Give Away !

CONGRATULATIONS!  5th Bee Equipment Package – Hank Brinzer of Imperial, Pennsylvania, Hank Loves his bees and makes a pretty fine honey if I do say so myself!


CONGRATULATIONS!  4th Bee Equipment Package – Shelley Harner of Waynesburg, Pennsylvania

CONGRATULATIONS!  3rd Hive – Peter Ferreira of Waterbury, Connecticut – Retired violinist turned beekeeper!

CONGRATULATIONS!  2nd Hive Given Out, Earth Day

  • 5/9/2016 – Congratulations to James Roccasecca Harrisburg, PA for winning the 2nd HIVE (2 med. 8 frame complete hive from Brushy Mountain, ), from our Mead-For-Bees Program!
  • James Roccasecca

CONGRATULATIONS!  1st Hive Given Out 

  • 2/20/2016 – Congratulations to John C. Robison Jr. of Scenery Hill, PA for winning the FIRST HIVE (2 med. 8 frame complete hive from Mann Lake Bee Supplies, ), from our Mead-For-Bees Program!  Couldn’t have gone to a nicer beekeeper!  See John Here: KingView Mead Facebook Photos
John Robison Jr. 1st Hive 2016_02_21 (3)

Calling all Beekeepers and Apiaries

First, thank you for your efforts, we can’t make our mead without you. Second, we want to help you grow. We are pledging 10% of mead and apparel sales to directly purchase boxes, frames and nucs to give directly to you.


We want to highlight the good work you do but also qualify that you know what you’re doing, are looking to grow, and partner with us in this cause. Here are the qualifications to be considered.


  • Currently have a minimum of 2 active hives
  • Successfully over-wintered 2 hives
  • Provide 2 references that can verify your efforts
  • MUST BE 21 years or older to participate


  • Provide your association information. (we will contact them for a reference)

Fill out the Mead-for-Bees form.

Collect Bees!

Certain bottles of our products have a collectible bee on top that reminds you you’re doing a good thing and fighting the decline in the bee population. We encourage you to collect and display them to create your own symbolic hive at home or place of business. Know that for each $1 we donate means you’ve helped to contribute over 150 bees back into our world!  Check out our Bee Bead page here.

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