We encourage and love to get questions at KingView, please feel free to contact us with any that you have!  Below are some often asked questions.


Q: What is mead?

A: Mead according to the industry, is wine where the majority of alcohol is made from honey, also known as “honeywine”.  From a federal perspective “Mead” are those wine products that contain honey as the majority ingredient.  This is an important distinction as it affects approved labels.  If you want standard mead look for mead on the label, if it’s not there than there is more of something else to what you are drinking.

Q: Is a Meadery different than a Winery or a Cidery?

A:  The designation of Meadery, Winery or Cidery is determined by the majority of what is produced.  By federal law, all are classified the same and all can produce those three product categories.  When choosing which name to go with, typically you associate your business with your largest production.  For instance KingView Mead focuses on mead and produces mostly mead, but we also will produce wines and ciders.  It is a good question to ask when visiting a location if they are advertising as a Meadery to see if that’s the majority of what they sell or just trying to differentiate themselves, you are the consumer and should not be deceived!  Also ask how much honey they use in their products.

Q:  What are the classifications of mead?

A:  Mead is complex in that it can be made dry or sweet and has a world of ingredients to choose from.  Judging standards can be found here:  BCJP MEAD GUIDELINES.  The generally accepted industry mead categories are Standard (Honey Only), Melomels (Honey & Fruit), Metheglin (Honey & Spices), Pyment (Honey & Grape Juice base), Cyser (Honey & Apple Juice base) and Braggot (Honey & Beer Base)  NOTE*  Winery’s are only allowed to utilize hops and therefore you will not see Braggots as a standard offering at any winery’s, meadery’s or cider houses.  By law we cannot have grains on licensed premises.  KingView Mead has made award winning meads in each category (except Braggot) and will eventually sell products in each category.

Q:  How do you make mead?

A:  KingView Mead uses the cold batch method, this means we do not boil or excessively heat our products (often used to sterilize).  The cold batch method retains more characters of the ingredients being used, think cooked vegetables vs. raw.  We also use filtered water to ensure the best quality goes in and use real fruits that we press by hand here at KingView Mead.  We do not use concentrates, artificial flavors or “natural” flavorings.  We believe that the best meads and the best products for you, come from the raw state of the ingredients.  We are willing to spend the extra hours and money, take more of risk and lose production to provide a superior product for our consumers, it’s your experience, not our profits, that mean the most to us.

Q:  How will I know what ingredients are used in the mead I drink?

A:  Checking the label is the first step.  If you see “natural” flavors then there may be some ingredients that are deemed natural, but are not ingredients that KingView Mead uses in its meads.  Ask the questions so you know what you’re putting in your body!  Find out how many pounds of fruit it takes to make a bottle, for example many of our melomels call for over 3 pounds of fruit per gallon!!  Also know that there are certain state only label approvals which means the product can only be sold in that state.

Q:  What if I got a draft glass of mead?

A:  You can always ask to see the ingredient list that is provided with the keg, that way you know what you are drinking.  It’s easier to produce an artificially flavored beverage and sell via keg because the consumer never sees it.

Q:  Speaking of bottles and kegs what does KingView use?

A:  KingView sells in wine bottles of 375ml and 750ml and 5.16 gallon kegs.

Q:  What kind of honey do you use and where do you get it?

A:  KingView uses a variety of honey’s including:  Wildflower, Clover, Orange Blossom and Buckwheat.  We are constantly experimenting with and trying out new honey suppliers through our rigorous production and taste testing methods.  Like grapes, there are many types of honey and each has its own character influenced by each season and year.  At this time we will not disclose our apiary sources but utilize multiple apiary sources due to the extreme volumes of honey we need and are constantly in the hunt for new suppliers of great honey!

If you are a beekeeper interested in selling to us please use contact us Contact Form.


Q:  Where can I buy KingView products?

A:  You can purchase KingVew Mead the following ways:

  1.  Festivals – KingView Mead has a long list it will be attending, follow us on Facebook (KingView Mead) or Twitter and check the site regularly for updates.  Our first festival is May 21st in Ohiopyle, PA for the Spirit of the River, Wine, Art and Music Festival.
  2.  Online –  For PA residents, We offer meads, wines and ciders available for sale online starting May 18th, 2016.  We are able to ship directly to you, additionally, delivery may also be an option if you need it sooner or close by.  You must be 21 years or older to buy any of our products and must also be 21 or older to receive the age verified packages.  For Out of PA Residents, we are working hard to offer our products to you and will continue to expand our state offerings over the course of the summer of 2016.
  3. Restaurants/Bars – We are just beginning (5/13) to engage your favorite bars and restaurants around Pennsylvania to carry our products, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get updates on where you can buy our products!
  4. At the Meadery – Coming soon, our plan is to open an official meadery as soon as possible, help us and buy some mead, wine and cider today!

If you wish to hear more about carrying our products please contact us:  Contact Form or call Scott directly at 412-335-0070.


Q:  How did you decide on the name KingView?

A:  KingView means a couple different things; First, as we continue to look for properties to build the grand mead hall we are constantly drawn to mountain tops similar to how fort and castle locations were chosen.  There is something magical and inspiring when viewing the world from atop a mountain or hill.  Secondly,  when we think back to previous era’s in history what comes to mind is a more natural state of living and more diversity of flora and fauna, unspoiled by expansion.  We want to do our part to help reverse some of the effects we have had on our planet by promoting beekeeping & bees stimulating more diverse plant life and the animals and insects that depend on them. KingView Mead is that story book picture that we’ve all seen, and using the most natural of products promoting the most natural of causes.  In essence we want to encourage people to take off their shoes, grab a glass and enjoy a simpler life.

Q:  Why did you choose the copper crown as your logo?

A:  The crown, a symbol of royalty, is used to make you feel as though you are royalty while drinking our meads, wines and ciders.  You should feel that way, as a testament to your support of the noble profession of beekeeping and all the beekeepers that we seek to help.  Bees do so much for humans that many do not realize their importance, not just in our food production, but in the propagation and food production for countless plants, animals and insects.  Copper was chosen to symbolize humility and conductivity as KingView becomes a catalyst for making changes in the world through your help.

Q:  Can we tour your meadery?

A:  At this point we are not providing tours.  But with your help we can open our Grand Mead Hall and we’ll be happy to provide tours!

Q:  Why did decide to start a meadery?

A:  I toured many wineries around PA, Niagara on the Lake and Ohio and found it a very rewarding and soulfully fulfilling.  It brought me back to nature and to enjoying life.  Being part German and their proud heritage of beekeeping as well as part Irish,  I knew that a meadery was the right fit.  I could do so many of things I wanted, which includes our Mead-For-Bees program, I love the program, working hard to help others just like the bees.

Q:  When did you start making mead?

A:  After such a great feeling at these winery it  was a no-brainer so I started making meads about 2011.  In 2015 I started to compete at the amateur level and did quite well (13 varieties, 15 medals, 2 BoS).  I have made over 60 varieties before bringing KingView Mead to you.  On a personal note I think it is very important for mead, as a reborn industry, to educate its consumers properly and give them the best product possible, not just my experiments but the ones that really work.  If you have had bad mead or so so mead, give KingView a try.