Sip These 10 Wonderful Wines To Help Change The World

Epicure and Culture magazine wrote a wonderful article on wines that have a cause.  We are lucky enough to be featured in this terrific article!

Our business model was taken from the bees themselves, as they propagate plants and help them grow they in turn feed themselves and grow.  We feel this natural cycle that has been going on for millions of years can’t be wrong and so we have decided to replicate it in a fun way.  Given the global discussions on food and decline of bee populations it is more important now than ever to help educate on these topics.  We know people like to drink, and we feel we can use our products directly for this purpose.  In addition to encouraging those who have thought about bee keeping to start we support those smaller beekeepers who need help to keep going.  Beekeeping is challenging and these noble people need as much help as possible!

Supporting our products helps support this cause, I’ll focus on making world class mead, wine and cider, you can focus on having a great time!


Sip These 10 Wonderful Wines To Help Change The World



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