KingView Mead continued an award-winning week by adding 8 more medals at the 2017 Fingers Lake International Wine Competition! 

In its efforts to prove that award-winning mead is being made right here in Pittsburgh PA, KingView caps off the week on a high note. Showing versatility of head mead maker Scott Neeley with medals in mead, wine and cider KingView is gaining steam as a premier producer.  Collectively, KingView Mead, in less than one year, has earned 37 commercial awards.  Here are the awards from the 2017 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.

Gold Suss (Sweet Mead)
Silver PA Premium Late Harvest Cider
Silver Trocken
Silver Blue & Gold
Silver Doppel Schwarz
Silver Cranberry Maple
Bronze Cabernet Sauvignon
Bronze Triple Beere


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