Congratulations to the 11 new winners of our Mead-For-Bees program!

The following individuals were drawn at the 2016 PA State Beekeepers Association Annual Conference. Every hour we were there we drew a name and these lucky eleven were selected! Thank you all for for the support. We had a great time at the event, hearing updates about the state of beekeeping in Pennsylvania and meeting the noble masses of beekeepers helping all of us!

Judy DeNinno, Rural Valley, PA
Diane Stewart, Pittsburgh, PA
Martin Thomas, Monola, PA
Ginger Matthews, Newport, PA
David Stearns, Saegertown, PA
Kate Safin, Harrison City, PA
Harry Watkins, Hermitage, PA
Jim Handshue, Pleasant Hills, PA
Dan Lynch, Templeton, PA
Carmen Bianco, Renfrew, PA
Robert Crawford, East Brady, PA

PABeekeeperAssociation Winners


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