We love to provide opportunities for people to start into beekeeping.  While our Mead-For-Bees program is designed to support current beekeepers we also look for opportunities to give people that extra push to start.  We pulled 5 names last weekend to win a free hive and I can’t tell you how happy these people are to get started.  With any new venture, people think about it often and eventually if they think about it enough, they start doing it.  KingView Mead is proud to support the individuals pulled in starting their own venture into beekeeping.  We have provided guidance and directed them to closest beekeeping association because to be successful, you need to learn from the best people around.  Congratulations to this group of individuals and keep helping us help everyone.


Jan Gromlich, Galesburg, MI
Carrie McGinnis, New Kensington, PA
Sam & Jean Calabrace, Latrobe, PA
Molly Moody, Irwin, PA
Dale Mellott, Rolling Spring, PA

Great Mead, Noble Cause, Amazing People


Scott Neeley – Owner/Head Winemaker


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